Upper-Sepik Central New Guinea Project. The Upper Sepik-Central New Guinea Project explores the relationships between material culture on the one hand, and language, geographical propinquity, population, subsistence and environment on the other during a relatively narrow time span before major impact by foreign cultures.

More Photographs: 1965. This site contains 1965 photographs taken in the Upper Tekin Valley (Oksapmin area) by Barry Craig (see also Upper-Sepik Central New Guinea Project).

Glen Lean Ethnomathematics Centre. The Centre, located at the University of Goroka in Papua New Guinea, has a manuscript collection of notable work related to ethnomathematics across Papua New Guinea's many cultural groups. The Centre has also facilitated cultural research on ethnomathematics across Papua New Guinea. Rex Matang, former director of the Center, died (unexpectedly) in 2011. Though the Centre's website is still functioning, I am unclear whether the Centre has a new director and whether the Centre is still in operation. Rex's death was a great loss.

Counting in Foe (Southern Highlands). Body counting systems are used by communities spread through the highlands of central New Guinea. This video displays a man counting in Foe, a language community that makes use of 37 body parts (some of which are the same as those traditionally used in Oksapmin communities). Learning Mathematics through Representations. Funded by the Institute of Education Sciences,

Learning Mathematics through Representations (LMR) is an ongoing design research project that I'm conducting with collaborating faculty colleagues, graduate students, and practicing elementary teachers. The project has developed a research-based 20-lesson curriculum unit for the teaching and learning of integers and fractions that shows great promise for supporting hard-to-teach and hard-to-learn ideas.

Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley.